Our Story

History of Neapolitan Coffee

The history of Espresso Napoletano started in 700 BC, when in Napoli, the ancient capital of Regno Delle Due Sicilie, they used to drink at least one cup of coffee a day.

Soon in Napoli, the coffee industry learned the way of toasting and blending of the beans like no other and as they say, the rest is history.

Napoli is recognized as the Italian capital of coffee; a very important step into the story of Neapolitan coffee was in 819 with the invention of “Cuccumella” that in 900 became the Moka.

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Neapolitan Coffee Tradition into Innovation

Our tradition for a good coffee along with a passion to see our guests happy drove us to open our First Espresso Bar in Dubai.

Scotta in Italian means “very hot” and is a the typical warning word you loudly say to customers when serving a coffee prepared at the moment, that needs to be served very hot.

With the tradition of Moka, we at Scotta bring the aroma and the taste of a good Neapolitan coffee, which is freshly prepared and served using a Bialetti Moka machine to the guest at their table.

The Neapolitan taste for coffee tells of an intense dark, full bodied and persistent aroma on the palate. For the Neapolitan person to drink a cup of coffee is ceremonial: Coffee must be strong and concentrated, the roasting must be till its dark colour.

Scotta offers a wide selection of coffee, traditional and innovative.


One of SCOTTA’s unique products is the traditional coffee served to the table in a special tray. The coffee is prepared in our special “station” with the MOKA.

The MOKA Express has been invented in 1933 by Mr. Alfonso Bialetti and transformed the art of making coffee into an action so simple and natural that it has become an essential ritual in every Italian home. For almost 100 years Bialetti has stood by our traditional values with a series of flavours, colours and tastes that speak of home, daily rituals, and good times.

Moka’s design has become an iconic symbol for the twentieth century. You will find it in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper-Hewitt and the London Design Museum.

Aluminium was revolutionary in coffee and marked the beginning of a modernist upswing in the metal’s use in the kitchen. Moka also came about during Italy’s economic downturn of the 1930s. A historical shift from espresso being something you could only get at a café to something you could almost make at home.

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Vision and Mission

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Our company shares a long-term vision, common goals and ambitions, as well as dedicated commitment in providing our guests with an unparalleled service.

Scotta Espresso Bar is part of a privately held company whose founders have over 20 years experience in hospitality, catering and investment portfolio. We are committed to exceptional guest service and client relations, which is central to our work culture.

Together with a wealth of expertise and strategic alliances, we are able to offer a unique blend of services.

Our Flagship Café in Dubai is running successfully at Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai with eye on further expansion.

Scotta’s vision is to be rated as one of the top 5 High end Café brands in the region, and over the next 5 years increasing our presence to more than 10 outlets throughout the GCC and Asia.

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